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August 11 2014


Is there a Best Way to Learn New English Vocabulary?

English vocabulary
Teachers report that the most typical mistakes that ESL students make are vocabulary mistakes. English learners frequently choose an incorrect vocabulary word when they attempt to go to town. How come vocabulary so difficult to find out correctly?

Spanish vocabulary
The most crucial reason is that students often learn vocabulary out of context. Maybe they struggle to find out vocabulary by reading the dictionary. Or perhaps they collect lists of words and memorize them. Many people buy vocabulary books. The situation effortlessly these techniques is you don't learn vocabulary in context. You do not see enough examples of the phrase in sentences. Which means you never really educate yourself on the correct way to utilize the phrase.
Research indicates how the best way to learn new vocabulary is always to read read read. Seeing vocabulary inside a natural context - for example, in a newspaper or magazine article - will help you make use of your new vocabulary correctly, and seeing it in context will also help you to remember it better.

Thus, making this what you need to do. Read English books. Read English magazines. Read English newspapers. If you are in a English-speaking country, see the advertisements on buses and signs around the streets and highways. Read English stories. Read graphs and tables and charts. Browse the English operating manuals to your TV and washer.

When you see a new word, jot it down. Get the exact whole sentence since this will remind you of the correct context for that word. Jot down 2 or 3 or four different sentences where you've seen the word. Write down the concept of the term.

Take notice of the a part of speech of the word: can it be a verb, a noun, an adjective or perhaps an adverb? This can be a standard mistake that students make; sometimes they pick the correct vocabulary word, but they utilize the incorrect a part of speech. For instance, they'll use a noun rather than a verb. It is said "arrival" as opposed to "arrive." Or "departure" instead of "depart." When you find a new word, ensure that you learn its section of speech. After which write down every aspect of speech for your word. For example, if the new word is "protect": protect may be the verb form, protection will be the noun form, protective will be the adjective form, and protectively will be the adverb form. Write down all forms.

You are able to write your new words on the piece of paper. Or you can write them on flashcards. You can also make flashcards online, on some online dictionary internet sites.

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